Post Performance Report: ABurlyQ Festival

Greetings from 30,000 feet… yep that’s right folks, I am typing from my flight home from the ABurlyQ Festival in Alburquerque New Mexico. Can I say that this event marks my 30th festival attendance and performance, and what a way to celebrate that career achievement.

There were several notiable performances and I am grateful I was able to experience the individuals performing. The one that took the cake for me was the Burning Loins Boylesque group. They seriously worked some magic on that stage. Fierceness personified. They took one of my workshops last year – Power Dusters – and wow what they did with that knowledge was absolute magic. It was flawless in presentation, concept, and played to the strengths for everyone. The lighting was ridiculous for it, and the silhouettes of each performer was delightful. They are definitely a group that takes their work seriously and I have seen them blossom. I have seen them take other classes too, and you know they really apply their knowledge gained.

The ABurlyQ Festival was fiercely organized (I know the hard work going into it) and the stage management and kitten crew was on point.

While I didn’t get the opportunity to connect with friends in NM because of schedule conflicts, I was honored to make so many more acquaintances. I am also excited to report that from the event itself, I booked the final act for a show I am producing NEXT YEAR! Lol… yeah my world doesn’t stop.

So I have a little break until I perform on September 1 in Edmonton for my 31st Festival, and then Montreal for my 32nd! I am still awaiting confirmation on another festival, but that would be it! I am hoping #33 will happen. I have decided to commence working with festivals in a different way, and fostering a different kind of relationship with organizers. After so many performances and attendances, its time I evolve my working relationships. I can tell you I will be working my ass off to get something noteworthy in front of the selection committee for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. Afterall, BHoF is more importantly meant for burlesque legends, and I want to foster more of that historical information. And after the amazingness I am witnessed last night, we are forever in the debt of the legends who gave us the legacy of the art we have.

Signing off for now. I have to put together a press release for my show this coming October! <3

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