#CostumeFiles: Adding to Headdresses

Photo by Justin McConnell

Many of you have seen my seen my headdress for my samba number, however, in an effort to spice it up and make it more extravagant, I am adding more feathers to the headdress. Not because it needs to be any more gigantic, but rather to make sure that there is a blend between the body pack (which will get additional feathers too) and the headpiece in terms of color balance.

It is important that your pieces compliment each other, that the accent colors are blended throughout the costuming, even as you go down to pasties and unders. You want to make sure that if you are telling a story, that your costume removal (or additions) aid in the story or concept you are portraying.

So you can now see I am adding turquoise and orange feathers to the headdress. It really does add to the overall headdress, even making it more full like a showgirl, rather than just a down the center of the head. I will be adding touches of hot pink as well.

To add, I am taking foam that is measured in the curve of the head piece. I take two pieces and add the feathers, sandwich the foam, then insert into the headpiece with glue. I do this first so that first, so that things don’t get messy inside, and I am not fumbling around (nor am I burning myself).

The body pack will be another day in my explanation, but expect to see some of these dark feathers in the body pack and then adding to the bustle of the the costuming and on the bra some darker colors as well.

Costuming an act can be an evolution, you can start small with rhinestones or embellishments and evolve your piece. It does not have to be perfect, and 100% of your full vision right out of the gate (even though that would be super stellar).


Happy Costuming!


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