#CostumeFiles – A Classic Tease – Part 1

Oh my so here we go again! I have a classic bump and grind song that I have mixed together that I really enjoy performing, however, the costume NEVER felt right. I have used one style of gown that I “decommissioned” by literally putting the fabric in to acetone to remove all the stones! So since then (over a 15 months ago) I have been trying to figure out the perfect gown. Therefore you get the benefit of literally watching a multiple part series of costume creation.

I am first starting with my inspiration of a gown. I don’t want to recreated it, I want my own take on it, but definitely did influence my choices of foundational patterns that I will use to make up. The photo is of the beautiful Angela Lansbury from the movie “The Harvey Girls” ūüôā Her gown was a brilliant gold sequin. LOOK IT UP! Seriously!

Now, since this 1890’s style was my inspiration and not a replica I had to think of what color inspired me! And I thought about a trip to France where Lavender and Violets really have a special place in the culture. This beautiful gown I could only see in my mind as a lush color of lavender. The reason I want lavender¬†is because of the detailed work that I want to put on the gown itself. Details of dark purple, and greens.

I plan on using feather boas to trim this gown and I am still deciding on glove style, as if I go OLD School I will be using Satin. And then naturally the under pinnings, shoes and stockings.

It is really important when designing to think of color, textures, dimensions, to create the most elegant silhouette, EVEN if you are making it campy. We still need to present the most complimentary costuming to our body, so that things fit properly to insure that garments will come off easily and “on cue”.

I am excited about creating this costume, and it will take a few months to put forth, but I am confident that this will be a worthy project.

I do hope you join me for this project. My next post regarding this particular costume will show the full design elements, and links to new premium content where you can learn all the ins and outs of costume development based upon act design. Something of which I love to coach performers on! Stay tuned!

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