#CostumeFiles – A Classic Tease – Part 2

So as I continue on working this costume, I am really excited about it. For me, I am taking multiple patterns (Both of which are Late 1800 Parisian / Edwardian) that I can easily make extendable, with added pieces. The first picture is the picture of the full gown with a slit in it. *Please pardon the fact I can’t draw worth a stick.* The second shows you the 2 different patterns (there will actually be 3 but one is not shown) that will be added together to form new pattern pieces.

If you desire to do something like this, you will want to be very aware of darts and pleats. You will want to consider the original pattern’s fabric type, because some patterns are meant for stretch only. You will want to think of the lines you will need for either complete separation in the garment, or if you need to add a seam somewhere. Always be mindful of the silhouette you are trying to approach.

From here, I will be taking the patterns and making multiple new drafted patterns from it. Stay tuned for my post about drafting from the patterns. It is a tricky thing from there!

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