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I have been asked a number of times how I design costumes based upon music or is the costume first? Well, in the case of Jacq of Hearts, it was actually a redesign for a different and existing act! OYE! And when my husband introduced me to a new music artist, Caro Emerald (one of his favorites) – the song, Just One Dance, I finally saw color, concept and textures that fit this design! EVERYTHING came into alignment.

The Design

It wasn’t a quick design in its infancy as I was trying to recostume this other act, but I had drawn out my design. And then the music in this case, fit it to a T! BUT then it was a matter of putting the act into play! THAT was not an easy situation. I knew as well roughly how a few of the pieces, corset, skirt, g-string would take me, and about what materials I wanted to use, but it was the bra that I faced the most challenge.

You see, I have a challenge with strapless bras being a busty gal. So if I was to make one or buy one and modify it, I was going to have problems, PLUS I needed a zipper front! So I came up with he idea of a little corset! Yep You read that correctly! I wanted a corset bra with a zipper front!

The Bra & Corset & G-String

So I drafted this corset-bra (left image) and made sure I aligned it to the fitting of the high sided, underbust Edwardian corset (shown in right image). When put together you can see the clever little heart! Yes, that g-string I made myself!

Seriously, I couldn’t be more proud of how this illusion came out!


The Skirt!

The cool part was the skirt, of which contains 30 meters of Tulle that I received from family in Mexico (that is a whole different conversation because fabric and materials in Mexico really could do wonders for the cost of costumes!)

I loved the idea of all these broken hearts some that are already broken, then the last 2 split during the removal! But I wanted the inside to feel a specially vibrant, as I lined it equally with red sparkle fabric on the inside! ‘

The controversy over sparkle sequin fabric… OMG, I have heard so many people tell me, sparkle confetti dot fabric is so “cheap” looking, only novices use this stuff… LOL SERIOUSLY!?  I love this fabric and in this costume have 4 layers just not the skirt alone!  1 turquoise sparkle, 1 turquoise satin, 1 red satin, 1 red sparkle. Additionally, I had the method to my madness for this, as I am rhinestoning this creature with 16ss stones that I purchased from a supplier in China. They may not be Swarovski, but you know what… I will wear them like they are real precious gems! It will take hours to stone this costume, so yeah I have a few audio books ahead!


The Boa!

NOW THE BOA! Oh lord, I DID NOT WANT THE FEATHER BOAS EVERYONE ELSE WANTED! I wanted something Foxy! So I chose a Red Faux Fur with threads of sparkle!! I also didn’t want the typical balls on this boa, so I took 4 styrofoam 1 hearts, and created a new type of “Ball” that is strung through the the ends of the boa. Keep in mind this is to my arm length and is REALLY heavy so its harder to wheel around, so getting used to the choreography changes is key. Additionally, the styrofoam will need to be maintained, but hey… a girl has to start somewhere!


The Accents!

All metal in this costume and smaller accents are of a gold metal, brass or gold cording, to maintain balance and richness. As mentioned, this beauty is getting a head to toe rhinestone decoration!

Here are a few more pictures of this in action!



If you need help creating a masterpiece that is of your own, and fulfills something a bit more unique to you, email me and we can create some magic together! Even if it is just in a costume design or an act design. We can achieve your goals to make you feel like a million dollars on the stage! Contact me today!


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