#CostumeFiles – Pasties and finished headdress

New Carnival Pasties!

I have to say I love these new pasties! I was able to print my design on my 3d printer, and used clear filament. If you have the means to do a 3d Printer, then do so… if you don’t want to, then there is Snap-eze which is owned by a performer who created a snap on / snap off type of pasty. Many people still make pasties with buckrum, or canvas with foam. There are many ways to do pasties, this just what I have been work on myself.

I was able to make a hole just wide enough for a spinner to be placed! THIS has been a long time coming for me. So this are light weight and firm, and decorated with beautiful Swarovski and China Strauss rhinestones.


Phase 2 Headdress updates complete!

Further I finished the touch ups and repairs to my headdress! I really recommend first placing the feathers on foam “paper” before attempting to modify any existing headdress, this way you can make sure you don’t ruin feathers with glue while placing. 🙂 Plus you can get your shape and spacing just right. Don’t know if I will add more, if I do, it will be down the center… but for now this is pretty spectacular! Don’t mind the evening beer in the photo… I think it really adds to the creativity of this picture. 🙂

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