Goddess Training: Day 1

Starting today I start a little project I call “Goddess Training“. It is specifically in preparation for a number I am preparing for May of 2018 that is the depiction of what it would have looked like when the Goddess Styx joined Zeus in battle against the Titans. I wanted to from a burlesque perspective think about how this otherwise non discussed goddess was the first to take up arms to fight with Zeus, and how her story was dampened by theological authors. Her story is virtually unknown, but known enough to have significant impact for those who believe in the River Styx.

My goddess project is composed of 3 pieces: Research studies for the Goddess Styx, costume construction and burlesque choreography, and lastly the physical fitness and training of what I believe this particular goddess would have done.

Research: Since Styx is the goddess that would oversee the validation of an individual person’s oaths (such as a promise that they say to a person or do someone or even to a deity), I feel that studying not just the movements of warriors, physical embodiment of the gods but then also the dedication to see this act to fruition, what a unique “spell” to weave in this.

Burlesque choreography and costume construction: Now, you will see frequent posts on my website under “Goddess Training” and “Costume Files”. This particular costume is one of the hardest I have ever thought about making. Sketches coming and will be posted. I have a feeling there will be a few trails and errors coming as well. I can’t predict that this whole costume will come out exactly as planned, but I know from experience that my costumes turn out better than I usually expect. One thing that will be challenging is the prop for this craziness. Yeah its a no joke legit prop that will require a transportation trailer to haul it around! lol! I am so excited to work with power tools for this and work out how to build stuff. I think it is important to know how to work with power tools. I know a bit, but have never worked with certain saws before. I am just really excited about this project overall.

Physical fitness: I decided that along with a steady practice of Yoga, I am doing the #BodyBoss program because I like how it feels (already tried a few exercises, but haven’t immersed until today).  I have also been immersed in taking martial arts to fulfill the weaponry that will be used in this act. YES! I am so silly excited about the fact that I get to experience the art of bo staff. And what has been super interesting is all the different dialects of bo staff and the different countries that have used this weapon in their military affairs over the centuries. It has been one of the weapons I have long admired (as I do with the sword or foil). I enjoy the movement of it greatly, so I am excited to continue my training in the this… I will post later this fall some snippets. 🙂

Starting Stats:

  • Bust: 44
  • Waist: 35
  • Cinched waist: 32.5
  • Hip: 41.5
  • Bicep: 12
  • Thigh: 21.5
  • Weight: 165

Food for the Goddess:

Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon

Lunch: Chipole Chicken, Lettuce,  Hard Boiled Eggs, Cucumber, Peas, Almonds, Parmasean, Blue Cheese Dressing

Snack: Kind Snack bar

Dinner: Lettuce, Chicken, Avocado Cilantro Dressing



6:00am Wake Up – Daily Meditation and Daily Abyhanga

7:45am Breakfast

11:30 am Lunch

2:30 Snack

5:00pmish Workout #BodyBoss

6:20 Dinner

10:00pm Yoga: Moon Salutation


My Natural Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta Kapha

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