Goddess Training: Day 10

Tomorrow I am off to Edmonton, and I took a break from packing to write this little diddy. Today I wanted to eat copious mounts of chocolate, but I DIDN’T! I was proud! Why? Because I managed stress better than I have in YEARRRRSSSS! I said I was going to take a day off, I didn’t ask, just said I was to the day job (Self Care is IMPORTANT). I vlogged my thoughts on my personal FB feed about treating burlesque as a business (a very important tutorial on how to effectively source talent outside of festival conditions, and also how to get those gigs coming to my website within the next few days). I was proud of myself. I USED MY WORDS. Active positive words that can only express the deepest of gratitude I have for this burlesque industry, and I honestly want performers and producers every where to succeed – REGARDLESS IF I LIKE THEM AS HUMANS OR NOT. 

We have enough stress in our lives, lets use this time to make the commitment to each other in our community to lift everyone up and celebrate how amazing we all are! Our lives and creativity are magical people… M.A.G.I.C.A.L.

It took a long time for me to just let the garbage go and I stopped trying to be understood. I took the time to just say, I understand myself and frankly folks that is all that matters. That is the first ingredient to being mentally and physically healthy. We all have room for improvement in everything that we do, but if we do not celebrate what we have RIGHT NOW… oh my goddess… what a life we will be missing out. And for so long I missed out because I was jumping up and down trying to be seen, but I didn’t see myself.

WELL FOLKS I SEE MY SELF! Let’s get to it!

Sylvester being lifted to the heavens! I am soooo strong!

Fitness: Today’s #BodyBoss was a Body Challenge. It was TOUGH… but it was awesome, literally finished just 20 minutes ago. BODY is a little angry at me… but I did it. 🙂 Tomorrow I am sure I will not be so thrilled, especially as tomorrow is arms day!

I was being a total ham with my cat, main buddy, Sylvester! He was visiting me in my shop/studio tonight so I was like lets be silly! And he totally looked to the sky! lol.

Research: Nothing for today.

Costuming: Nothing for today.

Choreography: Documented plot points

Breakfast: 2 eggs with Pico and bratwurst
Lunch: Salad and Chicken verde
Dinner: Honey Coconut almond meal bar
Water Intake: 60 oz
Coffee: 2 Cups

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