Goddess Training: Day 11

Today was ridiculously amazing. It is amazing when you have some self care combine with burlesque work. Where do I begin?!
So I will be in with my errands of the day. I did so much today I can barely see strait! Today I went to Charming Charlie and purchased a wicked new purse! And a make up bag for traveling specifically. It still wouldn’t hold my brush kit, but priorities lead me to have make up in one little bag rather than my boxes I have for them.

Then I went to the luggage store, where I purchased a new briefcase for my #Moondance jewelry.
Then I went to the fabric store where I picked up foam so that I could properly pack my feather fan headdress… like a professional.

I got my hair cut today! Just a trim but I got it cleaned up. Plus I launched a new service today… Showgirl Tech. LOL. Work in progress (I will talk about that more in the coming weeks!)

I even have a full face of make up on! WTH?!! Yes, I decided to be a #goddess in every action of everything I did today. I wanted to feel my best, even if I am dressed casually. And frankly… it has worked. My hair is done. My make up is on point. I AM EVEN WEARING my #Winetastic lipstick that doesn’t bleed or come off very easily. AND YES I made this. 🙂 I kissed my hubby bye bye and took myself into the airport with 4″ stiletto pleasures (black patent leather) with my sorority rhinestone shirt I haven’t been able to wear in 2 years and Lulu lemon TIGHT AS HELL 3/4 length leggings. I paired this with a short blazer jacket to “make it look more professional”.

Every single human, mostly men, have been looking at me in awe. Women seem to be looking at me like I have an agenda of some kind. OF COURSE I DO — I am invoking the essence of the goddess and living my truth and living to my word of what I said I would be like. I honor Styx this way.

Anyway – I get the stink eye in check in. I hand off my BEAUTIFUL portfolio case from Road Case USA. LIKE CHECK OUT THEIR STUFF! WORTH IT… PERIOD.

Okay… then I pass the Clear people. It is a new service I saw in SeaTac Airport (different than TSA PreCheck — which I still need to do) but this is a service that will WALK YOU TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE. Eff it… I am follower of a goddess, who wants to live every moment as a bombshell, honoring my truth, I SIGNED UP. I walked to the front of the line, IT WAS AMAZING. People gave me side eye. But this bit of concierge service in SeaTac was SO welcome. I am curious what other airports have it. But regardless as much as I travel I don’t care… Just haven’t had time for TSA PreCheck. 🙂 lol.
Anyway, I had my jewelry (modified briefcase) case sent through the security X Ray lol. OMG so good. I didn’t have to open the case, and the TSA X-ray dude said “Hey is that yours?” And I was like okay they will look in the case… and I replied yes… then he said “That is an amazing beautiful set. Whoever made that is genius work.” 🙂 That made me smile. I paid good glitter fund dollars for this case and POOF, I got a response from a man in a physical conversation. It is different if we like someone’s post, but was a wonderful feeling. Because it was clearly seen, I didn’t have to open the case and I felt like a million bucks.
Men were side eyeing me ALL OVER THE PLACE in the airport, and well some really good looking women too. At first it was disturbing, but then I thought about the Bombshell Manual of Style and my commitment to making myself feel super good today… and poof… MAGIC! More people have talked to me because I am presenting myself in an open manner. I am smiling and engaging.

Fitness: I did not do my #BodyBoss work out today. But hear me out it was not because I didn’t want to. I climbed my three two flights of stairs about 35 times today, hauling costume pieces, luggage, supplies, etc. I did my work out. I feel good about skipping my official workout. And I ate well.

: Nothing to report.

Costuming: Nothing to report. Yet when I was in the fabric store I was coaching a few people on amor supplies and cosplay costuming techniques for daughters and sons. THAT made me feel really good.

Breakfast: Two eggs with 1 bacon
Lunch: 1 Sausage and 2 cups steamed veggies
Dinner: Snack Bar and Double Jack Daniels Neat (yeah blew my carb count I know — ROFL)

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