Goddess Training: Day 14

Okay, another lighter post, because it is a holiday and I can’t drop a huge announcement until a few things are finalized. 

Today, I ate a breakfast of Eggs Benedict Florentine style (tomato and spinach) but skipped the English muffin. I just really cannot handle the gluten and or wheat. I think it is very important to listen to the body with foods and take your time in eating so you can really feel comfortable in your digestive system. Listening to your body allows you to have more connection to what you are doing AND what you are eating. 

Costume wise today, I went down to Shipwrecked beads and did not have much luck, unlike I normally do. And today was not a stellar day for supplies. I needed to purchase scale maille supplies, and I knew they had them. They had the Scale, but they didn’t have the jump rings in the size I needed. So tonight I will be making that order. 

I have lots to do for the show on October 6th, so tomorrow, after workout, carpet cleaning, brunch, and starting laundry, I will be getting the things I need done for the show. As I need to prepare for the press and advertising conversation on Tuesday. It is important to have that show be a good one. 🙂 So my focus this week will be a bit light until I get all my supplies next weekend so I can start the scale maille, of which I may live stream. 

I will also continue doing more of a formal write up tomorrow of things. But today, back to enjoying my family. 

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