Goddess Training: Day 15

Today, being a holiday, I didn’t think about anything fitness or nutrition wise. I was careful yes, mindful yes, but yes I did have ice cream and yes I fell asleep soon after eating said ice cream. Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be back on the strictness. And I am not feeling guilty for these life decisions.

Costume wise, I ordered 3,000 Metal Scale’s of 9,000. Since there is 300 scales per square foot, well, I had to start somewhere. 9,000 maybe an overestimate, but we will see.

These are made from aluminum and I am curious to see how this cape will work out. Now mind you it won’t be a cape that will twirl and stuff like that, it is meant to be ridged, it will be at an angle towards the shoulders and attached to belt loops. This part of the costume will take the longest of the whole thing.

I will be doing the bulk of it in 12″ patches, then attaching them together just so it will be easy to work with. YES I understand this will be heavy, but why should I choose something different? Why would I want to “fall in line” with what others do, such as perhaps use gold Isis wings instead? No, thank you. I wanted to convey something different and more intricate.

Here is what the cape initial drawing calculations were, just to get a ball park for scales. NO, I am not 6 feet tall, nor am I making it that length, but sometimes a girl has to think of the angles in whole numbers. I will more than likely make it in 5 feet of length, and 2 in width at top with 4 feet at bottom. But I do know I will need a few squares of scales, so that is where I will start.

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