Goddess Training: Day 16

Today’s theme is back to basics. It is now September and it is time to think of that time to educate one’s self and hunker down with those projects and goals that are needed for indoor activities. I am going to be a bit more quite that I normally am as I have quite the full schedule. If you follow my Facebook fan page, you will see all the classes AND shows that I have on my plate, and well, I am taking on one commission for spICE. Other than promoting all that other stuff and working on the commission, I will be working on my own stuff.

Fitness: Back to #BodyBoss. I am pretty stoked that I maintained my weight over the weekend despite being naughty in the food department. I did move around lot, and drank as much water as I could.

Research: I was looking on maps today, because some of the research I found implied that the river Styx was actually based upon geographical location in Greece. Now that would be pretty cool place to visit. More information to come on that, as I am seeing information on other underworld rivers as well.

Costuming: I received confirmation that my Scale Maille supplies shipped today, so I should have them by the weekend. Last night I started my hand beaded fringe for my costume. I pulled the technique from the Egyptian Belly Dance Costume techniques. This is my resource should you want to learn.  I have been doing this technique for a long while now, but this is the best tutorial that I have personally found. I have found that It maybe different than many other people’s style of fringe work, but having costumes with this type of beads, weight and required movement, I felt it was an appropriate method. It also may take longer, but I feel much more confident that each strand will be able to be secure on its own. It also may not be as pretty (right now) as the one on the video, but I like this style so much more.

Breakfast: Two eggs with bratwaurst
Lunch: wicked salad with egg and bacon and turkey!
Dinner: snack bar

Teacher Hat: I have marked outlined what I will be teaching in my Burlesque Dance Class, and am finalizing the choreography. I am also helping to organize the Sweet 16 of DanceWork Studio, so I have my hands full there.

Producer Hat: This afternoon I worked on posting the show details to a few sources. More on that front tomorrow.

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