Goddess Training: Day 17

Fitness: I have only done yoga today, I have some twinges in my lower back and fatigue in my hip. It is important to pay attention to the body and be slower to recognize what condition your body is running in to maintain its optimal performance.

Research: Nothing to report today.

Costuming: Nothing to report today.

Breakfast: Two eggs with sausage, spinach and onion
Lunch: wicked salad with egg and bacon and turkey!
Dinner: chicken and broccoli
Water:60oz (I need to improve here)

Teacher Hat: Today I communicated with a few students. Seems like everyone is super interested in leveling up with me, and doing so via online! So this evening I had a late cancellation and rebooking for next week, and I was able to have a communication with someone who is interested in distant learning programs. I also worked on the outline for online courses that will be up NEXT Friday so I have lots to do!! I was also able to help support efforts for DanceWorks Studio, where I teach ballroom and group classes for burlesque! We have a great event coming up on September 30th! BUSY BUSY!

Producer Hat: Posted my Night of Burlesque to a couple of local calendars, worked on making Instagram Squares for cast members to maintain branding.


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