Goddess Training: Day 19

Every goddess should have 2 things in their diet: Champagne (Pink or plain) AND Macaroons. I don’t care who you are… they are a fuel of creativity. Yes, I had both tonight. I indulged (6 total) before I said nope no more Lady Yum Macaroons reminiscing about Toulouse and the Violet flavored Macaroon I experienced! … lol. And 2 glasses of La Marca.

Tonight was date night in the Hyde household. 🙂 It was wonderful. Dinner, wine, bubble and macaroons. Then a follow up at our favorite pub. #Bliss

Fitness: Yeah Didn’t think about that, but did mind the volume of what I ate and made sure what I ate was not going to give me an allergy or inflammation flare up.

Research: Didn’t do that today.

Costuming: YES I started my Scale Maille!!!!!!!! It is my goal to finish a full square foot needed tomorrow! I am so excited. I know that this Scale maille cape will be stupid heavy but it WILL capture the essence of what I want. I am grateful of this time more than I can express, to create something and have the time to procure supplies and evolve my skill set in every way possible. It is #Magic.

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