Goddess Training: Day 2

Today was a much lighter day.

Fitness: So while doing #BodyBoss, the second day of your first week is a “Recovery” Day. I now know why – MY ARMS AND LEGS ARE are like what the heck did you do?! Yet you are still encouraged to move for the day, such as take a walk, or do yoga. It just so happens that I was at Karate training today during my lunch break!

This photo is of my Sensei and I at ZUltimate in Redmond, WA. Don’t you just love the “Clark Kent” mode I am sporting? Anyway… Love this place. Seriously every showperson, because of our late hours, should get some form of defense training. I am not just doing my training for performance, but I am actually wanting to better defend myself. I know that my hubby can’t come to every adventure I have as a performer, so it is important to know that I can defend myself. Sensei worked over legs over. We did dragons breath with Pin on One (of which felt very Game of Thrones to me, because I am silent human), Defensive Technique’s, and Kempos. It was super awesome I learned a new kick, plus worked on some strikes that interact with the wrists that will require additional practice as it is a weak point for me. I realize I have been working on all this stuff since the beginning of the year, and some other training since last year… but the strikes using certain parts of my hands is really challenging. Gotta continue that goal of getting to the next level up from Yellow belt which is Orange Belt!

I am a bit bummed I didn’t get to meditate in the morning, but we accidentally didn’t set the 3rd alarm! (5am is cat feeding time) Plus I went to bed a little later than normal, but I was watching the Defenders. And had some crazy alien dreams too (I swear I need to monitor what I watch before bed).

Research: Also, this evening I had continued with some research on staff tactics in ancient Greece and with the Roman Army. And what continues to amaze me, is more and more how most civilizations use the staff as a key weapon. It isn’t just for some sort of fancy martial arts dedicated to only one form. There are varied types and variance in the application, but for the most part, it is the same! You see, I used to train in the fencing foil, and there is nothing better than a 3 foot blade off your arm, but when I got my hands on staff last year (different school completely and *not* as awesome where I am now), it was different. I can tell you that when an individual works with a staff, there is a difference sense of freedom. I put a book on my Amazon wishlist (Link at bottom) for Martial Arts in Ancient Greece, which highlighted some of the ancient staff techniques used in Ancient Greece. Looks like a good book just going through what was available for me to peruse.  Further, I emailed an author and instructor at Dartmouth Susanne Lye, who wrote a wonderful article called “The Goddess Styx and the Mapping of the World Order in Hesiod’s “Theogony”. Her work is wonderful and really defines the Goddess Styx’s role within the rise of Zeus to power. Her work has led me to new discoveries of information and new paths to female power in the mythological world. I have read this particular work of hers, and was deeply fascinated. I want to read it more than once and digest it before I implement how it would look within my act.

Choreography: Today I started working in boots for my movements. They won’t be the exact boots (two different types in my Amazon list below), but I am trying to get used to being in them. Its different working in boots or heels when all your training has been done flat footed.


Breakfast: Breakfast Scramble with onions and peppers, bacon
Lunch: Salad with chicken
Dinner: Chicken and Broccoli
Water Intake: 48 oz (oops need more)
Coffee: 2 Cups


Amazon Wish List for Costuming, Props, Materials, and Accessories: http://a.co/c9a0Nr4 

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