Goddess Training: Day 21

#Wine – well only 2 glasses. And it was good wine. Great meal and great conversation with a great friend for his 40th Birthday. Tonight was lovely because I got to hang out with some great people. That was following a day where I finished a 6″ by 12″ of my chain mail! My hand REALLLYYY hurts.

I am thinking of wearing work out gloves to pad my hand a bit! Oye! I am half way done with a row too and I want to finish it but can’t pick up the tools!

Today I literally thought I was NUTS! Why am I making chain maille? Why? Well I am must saying to myself use this textile because you can AND it will be different! I am really excited about this particular act for #GoddessStyx

I felt really productive today too, because I cleared out a box of papers, ordered storage for things, because I am preparing¬†to get a new desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have to tidy up the “workshop” to make way for projects! I am stupid excited for the changes to my sewing room it will be a nice refreshing change for the next 10 years of creations!

My work from today!

Top is the inside. Bottom is the outside! #massive chainmaille cape on the way. Debuts in May 2018. ūüôā #goddessStyx

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