Goddess Training: Day 23

I am surprised as hell that I have made it this far in consistently blogging / writing / doing any task without loss of mental effort. I guess a person needs to start somewhere. <3

Fitness: OMG today in Karate at ZUltimate I had the best day! Not only did I learn to really articulate dragon’s breath but I was also able to do more with bo staff today. SO much clicked. Look – learn self defense performers! LEARN SELF DEFENSE. There is something empowering about the idea that you could protect yourself just with your own body. It has been a life long dream for me to learn how to do this martial art and I am INSANELY grateful that I have had this opportunity, and will only continue to work on this. I am not angry at myself for starting late in this journey… my god it is so much fun! ALSO I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and that was pretty awesome.

Really have focused the last 2 days on my eating too, lower carb really does me well. The weekend shenanigans screwed  up my system thus Ayurvedically my “Vata” is a bit high, but I am focusing on keeping things super simple. Giving out what I can easily give. That may not be 100% to everything all at once, but everything is getting my attention at some point in the day, and believe it or not, my brain is thinking about all the things.

I ALSO did yoga this afternoon in my office at the day job on my afternoon break! OMG so fun! Just basic sun salutation but MY GOD… there was so stuff in there that really needed to get worked out. Needless to say I will be doing this daily during both breaks, and focusing on a morning practice once more to really get into the juice of my mind. <3


Research: Nothing for today.

Costuming:  Just mostly thought about a couple of pieces of my costume. And thinking of symbology mostly… not sure there.

Choreography:  OMG during karate training I WAS so inspired. I started to see movement and choreography lay out before me. IT WAS NUTS.

Breakfast: 2 Scrambled Eggs / Bacon
Lunch: WICKED salad with BBQ Chicken ton of veggies!
Dinner: 2 Slices of Cheese and some ham
Water Intake: 60 oz
Coffee: 1 Cup

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