Goddess Training: Day 24

I am narrowing in on 30 days, and I am going to tell you, that I feel like I am talking to myself. Therefore I decided I am going to open up comments! Yeah that is a scary thing for me. I am not going to lie am gonna screen the comments, because I really don’t want mean things or spam bots on my site. Yet I want to feel like I can engage with fans outside of Facebook in a more focused and direct way.

Today, was tough, I was stiff not because of working out yesterday, it was actually from sitting! Its tough to sit all day, and even with a standing desk I like to move around to help my back have more articulate strength.

Fitness: I did Yoga during break again, taught dance for 3 hours then just did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I am going to return to #BodyBoss, as I did enjoy it and it gave me variety, yet I was waiting for some of my pieces of equipment to get here.

Research: Didn’t do any research again today, but planned on doing some on Saturday AM.

Costuming: I was thinking about the level of detail I want for a costume piece today and was able to find the raw supplies for my idea. Its nice to find pre embossed leather belts, and also in that site they had vegan leather for those who pay attention to that.

Choreography: I did one of my movements from Karate DT6 (Defense Technique 6) and then added a really neat dancer spin after it. I will laugh if that is actually a sequence in the future. (Side note hoping to get to test for my Orange Belt soon.) Anyway I started to plot point the act even more so than I have in the past 24 days.

Props: Decided upon having 2 different armor stands on stage, one to hold the actual chain metal cape I am making the other to hold weapons. lol.

The act presentation itself: I think a lot about presentation. I think about the importance that the audience needs to have an experience for however many minutes I am on stage. It does start with how the act is introduced. I especially want to have this feeling of the act starting before I actually do. Thus today I finalized my intro that will be given to every host. And I will tell them they need to read directly from the material I provide, I would hope that they could memorize it, but a spiffy 3×5 card would be just fine as well. Yet there is some magic in performance art. This is my intro for this act.


Our next performer is a veteran of the stage. She is Jacqueline Hyde. And before we open these curtains, she has asked that I present this poem in tribute to the goddess she will personify. 

The Goddess Styx

She is the feared
She is the hated
She is Zeus’ first warrior
Like He a Titian Born
In to battle does she go
Guardian to the afterlife
Oaths does she hold
For Gods and Man alike
Pledge they must do
Great River was her prize
For honor, trust and truth

One breath
One love
Tears before her will make your soul wither
Curses to the fool who betray the word
The oath she upholds
Great River was her prize
Stand does she before thee
Take bended knee dear lovers
Pledge thy oath
Rise and shimmer

and deliver.


Now it is really important to have a prop plan as well. Below is the anticipated work effort involved. Further, I have created recommendations for act order placement, just as a point of reference. Sometimes you can’t get where you really want in the line up. I do not like to open shows, not because I get nervous, not because I don’t think I am strong enough to open the show. You may call it a bit of ego, but I love to go on at the end of a set, or the top of the 2nd set (if it is a 2 act show). It is silly really. For strong acts, I want to close the show. I have a few of those… Don’t get me wrong, I TOTALLY understand it is producers preferences and needs and accommodate, I just like this. And when I made the place plan, well… it is a recommendation because I know the complexity of the set up and want people to understand where it would be easiest the most. Knowing props are hard sometimes, well… I get the need for supporting efforts there. You will also see important notes and lighting plan.

Prop Set up Tear down times.

  • Set up time 2:00 MAX* with all support team. Curtains start closed so starting lights can be set.
  • Tear down time: 2:00 MAX* pick up with all support staff. Recommended to close curtains after.

*Still has yet to be confirmed

Prop placement plan:

  • Stair platform center upstage with (Confidential item) stuff around it front fascinations on either side.
  • Best placed as close to back wall or scrim as possible to make the prop look like it’s coming from another world.
  • Battery pack turned on.
  • Warrior rack stage right in diagonal position

Act order Placement recommendations: Best places at top of show, after intermission or last after a lighter pick up number. Preference Last.

Important note: My husband is preferred in chief support of set up and electronics. If not, please set aside at least 15 minutes during tech time to organize the effort.

Lighting plan:

  • 00:00 to 00:30 Start with back lite with white and green and amber – Rise  lights of stage lavender (preferred) whites, greens touch of amber during the duration
  • Before act starts – Slight fog machine to create mystery



At the end of the day, its important to flush out ALL details of an act. EVERYTHING. Write it down. Cross it out. Write it out again. Get it as a digital copy so you can copy and paste it to all the things so you can maintain consistency and clarity.

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