Goddess Training: Day 27

In today’s Goddess Training – it wasn’t so much as physical movement, but more mental excercising. There has been so much done in the last 24 hours its mind boggling. Yesterday was especially chaotic. It is important that when you are preparing to take on a festival season, that you evaluate the whole year.

Here is the first of my thoughts when it comes to selecting festivals to participate in. First you have the application just in general. I recommend you look at the full list of www.burlyfests.com because ultimately there is a big list there. The next that is growing in speed is www.burlesquecasting.com that are having more festivals put on it. Decide what you want to achieve when applying to festivals, such as do you want to see new cities or countries? Do you want to win a contest?

You want to put all the events in to a spreadsheet and consider putting an estimated travel budget. Yep, look up some hotels, look up some plane tickets, think about taxis and food. Calculate. Then go from there!

Right now I am coaching a few that are considering getting into the festival circuit and I told them to be prepared of the expenses. They are all strategic decisions more than anything. I encourage people to do festivals to get started in their careers, build a solid resume. If you are looking for deeper advice about this, book a private lesson and learn how you can implement your own Goddess Training or Ayurveda Showgirl with me by going to my “Schedule a Lesson” page.

Goddess Training doing me good!

Jacqueline Hyde’s look for the Pink Door on 09.16.2017

Tonight I perform at the Pink Door in Seattle, so much of my day has been around preparing for that. Which means I listened to my music on repeat today. Here is the look for tonight. I do have to shuffle off because I have a gig, depending on how tired I am… I may update this post when I get home in the wee hours of the morning. lol

Tomorrow I look forward to a lower key day, with a simple cup of coffee and my sewing machine.

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