Goddess Training: Day 28 and 29 – Changing it up and Costumes

Yesterday, Day 28, I was super sick and stuck in bed all day. It wasn’t from any flu, and DEFINITELY not from alcohol, body just said – no not today. It wasn’t like I didn’t have stuff to do, however I did think quite a bit about my blog here and the work efforts there. All I can say is that it is time to start changing it up, and it starts with costumes and then a digital evolution.

Jacq of Hearts Costume - Photo by Ji Ji Lee

Changing costumes? Or evolving it?

Saturday’s night show, went well, sorta. While this is super positive, it does suck at the same time. ALL MY COSTUMES were too big. lol. I did not think this was gonna happen! I performed both my Jacq of Hearts number (pictured left) and then my Breakfast at Tiffany’s number. Corsets could have been cinched super tight, but didn’t – hard when you don’t have a dedicated dresser – and then skirts/dress were too big. I mean even the pasties and gloves need to change because they were too big!

Quite comical actually because in the Jacq of Hearts (pictured Left), the bustie under the corset, my pastie covered breast just decided to pop out the whole time! OMG… Worst nightmare file. I could not do anything but joke about it on stage, but that is not exactly comical. This situation made me feel deeply horrible about myself and my professionalism. EVERYTHING felt like sack on my body, this makes for today’s #CostumeFile conundrum. Remaking costumes. 🙁

Costumes Files the Conundrum

One must decide at what point I need to remake costuming. Could it another 10 pounds? What is known is that I must redraft all the patterns. My costume pattern software is on a computer that is slowly dying. Which is a task I need to correct today, and that is part of a completely different situation as well. I can tell you that new drafting means that the Goddess Styx number I am working on will be more on track that originally estimated.

My biggest worry when making costumes is if things will work out as I hope they would, and right now, my construction of things feels very broken, even though I know my skill is there. Do I keep these costumes that are now too large when I do make them over? What is my timeline?

I am looking at potentially having to remake an entire closet! THAT is scary business. Especially when selecting embellishments!

What we have so far:

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Needs the dress to be taken in at least 4 inches! 2 on each side! Bra that is extremely decorated needs to have a halter style added to it, to keep the damn thing up… but what color as it needs to compliment the second layer presentation. New corset possibly. New panel skirt belt! Oye, Panties okay for now. Pasties Okay for now
  • Jacq of Hearts: Skirt needs to be remade and taken in at least 2 inches on each side, new corset. New G-String? Definitely new pasties.
  • 50 Shades of Purple: New bra and panel skirt, pasties and G-string. OYE.

Changing it up

I know for many performers changing a costume is always worrisome. Recently I have had to coach a few performers off the ledge when it came to costuming changes because people were telling them their costumes were not good enough, or that people believe in certain colors can only be used for stage. That is garbage. I keep saying that it is important to understand what colors are being used as well as materials. Can we talk about lighting too? The whole package is VITAL to a performer. For one on one consultation on this topic, reach out and schedule a private appointment to discuss what is needed for you.

My journey for changing it up should not just be an interesting (well I hope interesting) and future food for thought, but allow those performers reading the pages to make considerations or decisions based upon what has happened to me. Lessons learned is critical, and more over, if you have seen someone else do it, making those key decisions for yourself is critical.

I encourage you to follow me on Instagram or better yet, my App to stay in the know of costume changes and updates.


Goddess training for today

Fitness: Tonight I will be doing a #BodyBoss workout plus elliptical. I have a goal this week so I must put in extra effort. I feel there is so much to do today!

Research: Searching for methods of being able to do a photoshoot in certain locations next year with the full completed costume, and what would be involved to perform it in that country.

Costuming: Talked about above


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