Goddess Training: Day 3

Fitness: Today is #BodyBoss Day three. Abs day. It is a bit later than I normally would have worked out, however I was teaching tonight at DanceWorks Studio, and had a ton of stuff on my plate. But I did it! I did my Abs Day!  I also didn’t meditate again today. I was too groggy when I woke up, because last night I didn’t go to sleep until much later than normal (12:30 am to be exact). I was too hot, to “alert”. I wanted to clean everything, and so I just focused on what was directly around me by my bed. I enjoyed today’s work out as I really wanted to work out some stuff that is just swirling in my head for my creative self. Fitness, for me, allows me the time to just focus on one thing, to clear the brain and set the intention of success. I have some goals to achieve, and well, I know it won’t happen over night, and I need to honor my oath to myself on living the best life possible. When I am feeling especially squirrely, focusing on my core is actually the right thing. Not only physically working on the core, but there is a mental association of working on the “core” or foundation of self, as well as being able to look inward as it happens. Its more than just burning calories.

Research: So yesterday I mentioned the author Susanne Lye, who wrote a wonderful article called “The Goddess Styx and the Mapping of the World Order in Hesiod’s “Theogony”. I had emailed her and was amazingly honored to receive and email in response! How exciting! Seriously, her information on Styx was enlightening and really inspired me to dig even further. She wanted to know more about my act that I was preparing as that fascinated her. I really do encourage that if someone inspires you, that you need to tell them! You must might make their day.

Costuming: I worked on the design part of my costume, and finished it up, I will share this post tomorrow or Friday. Plus need to work out the timeline of completion for this particular project. It has alot of pieces. I purchased some necessary costuming books to help with this particular project.

Breakfast: Scramble eggs and prosciutto
Lunch: Salad with chicken, almonds, cucumbers, peas
Dinner: Just a snack bar, wasn’t really hungry
Water Intake: 80 oz  (Approximate half my body weight)
Coffee: 2 Cups


If you wish to be part of the creation of this act, and contribute to costume or equipment needs, here is my Amazon Wish List for Costuming, Props, Materials, and Accessories: http://a.co/c9a0Nr4 



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