Goddess Training: Day 30 – Progress Check

Today marks the 30th day for my #GoddessTraining, and I have so much reflection. First I will provide you with a progress check of my efforts for fitness and the work involved. Then I want to talk about something that has been weighing on my mind for about a week now. Personally, Day 30 is a good day to discuss that.

Progress Check


Here is a quick progress check viewed as a comparison of my measures from Day 1 to Day 30. Measurements are important, because you may not physically see anything. While you may not loose heavily in weight you may lose in inches and gain much needed fat burning muscle. Between doing the Body Boss Method and Yoga, my body feels overall more limber, and stronger. I do know that I need to beef up my cardio however, and will be adding free hand weights for Body Boss activities. Body Boss is a little lighter than what I desire so I will work on additional exercises outside of the program. I can recommend that you do Body Boss and get started somewhere in the definition journey of your arm definition.

Starting Stats:

  • Bust: 44
  • Waist: 35
  • Cinched waist: 32.5
  • Hip: 41.5
  • Bicep: 12
  • Thigh: 21.5
  • Weight: 165

Day 30 Status:

  • Bust: 43
  • Waist: 34
  • Cinched waist: 31.5
  • Hip: 41.5
  • Bicep: 12
  • Thigh: 20.5
  • Weight: 162

Now, let us look at the day 1 verses day 30 picture.

Day 1 Goddess Training Photo for Progress Check

Day 1 Goddess Training


Day 30 Progress Check photo

Day 30 Progress Check photo


It feels like I did not make as much progress on research on core elements, without serious distraction of which I did not fully document. I will be doing better in this aspect during the next 30 days, of which really takes on some serious and global interactions.


I feel that this is underway and going to be slow. I am frustrated thinking about it, and just thinking about all the darn audiobooks and Netflix I will need to binge engage with. This might be tough. I discovered fears I have with going outside of some skill sets, but feel grateful enough time was planned for.


With Bo Staff training, I feel that my mind is solidifying pieces, and now I am just working towards articulating the movement that will be presented in front of me. One must honor the Bo staff and any martial art training, as it is a moving physical weapon. That you become a weapon. I have learned so much discipline and am grateful to ZUltimate Studio in Redmond for teaching me thus far. I kinda hope I am a purple belt by the time I perform this number. Because I am in love with martial arts whole heartily. I feel very much that I could easily take my choreography and actually defend myself in a real life situation if I was in harm. That is empowering.

30 Day Reflection

What has been weighing on my mind for about a week, wasn’t the reporting of my progress check, but rather the feeling of worthiness. Personally I made it a job over the last 30 days to change my perception of worthiness. I have seen so many individual struggle with this sense of worthiness and suffering, and it is heartbreaking.

I started this “Goddess Training” because one it was for an act and the embodiment of being a goddess, but then the idea of being worshiped by my own self. That the work I put in makes me worthy of my self, that what I say is true to my own word. In the beginning, I would look at myself and question what on earth I was doing, and the craziness I was embarking on. Seeing online interactions happen with people and their struggles of either not getting into a show, or feeling sad, or being angry, was extremely challenging. I admit, I was experiencing some of that as well, and did what I could to just “kick myself” out of it. Knowing that not everyone can do that as quickly, the only thing that felt right was to give space and support.

The sense of giving space and support was by way giving virtual energy to those around me, while not sacrificing my own energy for my goals and pursuits. I suffered a bit here and there, and questioned the sense of suffering. Allowing the sense of suffering to happen does cause chaos in the mind, which can lead to a perpetual state of Vata imbalance. Vata being the seat of mental engagement, speech and “chatter”. Further, a vata imbalance can reek havoc on your body. Think of it as a high vibration that is constantly humming that is slowly breaking the glass that is your body.

Finding that suffering was also closely associated to worthiness, I now come to action.


Knowing AND Believing you are worthy is now the most critical part of the next 30 days in my journey. I am expecting another pivotal shift when I submit the next progress report. The challenge with knowing and believing is changing the conversation in the mind. Yet what does this apply to? EVERYTHING.

If you love your body like a river, during calm moments and floodgates, you are able to rise above and create some serious masterpieces. Trusting yourself with the ability to deliver on your ideas, shift with the ebb and flow of conditions around you and the creative process, you are able to ride the waves of more than just getting an act out there.

Artistically, if you want to achieve certain goals, such as an act manifestation, weight loss, new job, more glitter whatever, you have to make that commitment to stand up for yourself and deliver on the word that you give to yourself. Ultimately, when you make that pact with yourself and commit to yourself, your health, your art, your universe, you create your own world where you are the deity of that space. THUS you improve your sense of worthiness.

Taking that mentality forward and intertwining it with the physical world of everyone else, you have to be willing to not change from your foundational sense of yourself. You can still learn, you can still develop, you still CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND. You carry forward your warrior heart of being brave for yourself and your universe.

All of this may be insanely cerebral, yet think about it, you have the opportunity to be anything you want to be. Living that truth contains a piece of worthiness in your own universe. You become your own god or goddess thus extend your worthiness in to your heart, which evaporates the need for fighting to be worthy in the public domain.

In the quest for feeling worthy, you do not need to eliminate a sense of your self. Rather you fight your demons, you fight the struggles, you nourish your mind, body, spirit, and honor your self by going after every single goal you have ever wanted to have, because you know and believe you are already worthy.

If you want to start on this journey, and need help – schedule a private lesson with me today!

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