Goddess Training: Day 31 – Creating Consistency

Choices are key, and its time to make decisions.

A post it note at my desk.

To create change or achieve goals, one must think and act upon creating consistency. Consistency is more than setting an appointment and going to that appointment, it also means that you apply the changes and modifications you are setting forth for yourself.

Often we schedule (or this week in my case) over schedule ourselves to achieve a certain goal. We set a date, and we just do a bunch of things to achieve that date. In more cases than not, we abandon our goal because we see a deadline impending, or we miss it completely. We cannot grow and spiral into the concepts of bad thinking – like scolding ourselves.

To achieve a goal you need to consistently be working on that goal you want to achieve. For the Goddess Training, I have a date by which I need to deliver this act, May 4, 2018. Yet rather than think about the date, I have planned backwards so I know when I need to achieve my little to larger goals, for the overall grand goal. Getting through those little goals is critical.

When I was formulating the Goddess Training earlier in the summer I knew I needed to give myself a timeline of when to lose weight, get to a solid state so I could start working on costuming. In addition, I have a timeline when I need to achieve a certain skill, acquire certain equipment, purchase rhinestones and when to have a prop done. So far it has been well over 2 years, but it was not until I put down the timeline for me to consistency work on my material.

To do what you love for a living you must do it daily

My calendar for October this year.

My calendar for October this year. Group class weeks and travel!

This blog has been a true saving grace, because I am actively thinking about what work I need to do. I am planning and carving time DAILY to work on this objective. The objective also aligns with one of my objectives in my revised business plan. My overall grand objective has 4 components as you may have been reading about: Fitness, Research, Costuming and Choreography. All of it requires detail DAILY.

Consistency also means self care and good self talk. I know I am doing a good job because my body is responding. In addition, numbers are going up on my website for readers and social media interaction.

Consistency is part of our work effort. It is not always doing something the same way, such as a process, it is more of creating a consistent tone for the work you are doing. Are you beading the same way so your thread doesn’t knot up? Are you styling your hair the same way for practice? Using an email signature on your communications? Perhaps waking up with a positive thought for the day? Or are you creating inconsistent habits, such as going to bed at different times of the day, having poor self talk, arriving at different times to work or to your crafts?

Are you setting yourself up for success by giving yourself the time you need to be successful?

Giving yourself time will yeild the ablity to achieve your goals. Consistency is creating goals you can commit to. You can’t do everything overnight. You will have quick and slow wins if you provide yourself with opportunities to do milestones. Manage your life like a project. You have major deliverables (goals), you have tasks (some recurring like paying bills or doing laundry) but you also have budgets and resources. You will have areas of your life project which will slide, or be significantly delayed, or you will have to scrap the life work you thought need to do and start over with a fresh sheet and new hopes. (Nothing wrong with that).

Goddess Training Update

Fitness: I danced for 4 hours today

Research: None

Costuming: None

Choreography: None

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