Goddess Training: Day 32 – Confidence

Tonight I want to talk about confidence and nervousness. Confidence comes when one feels comfortable with whatever aspect of a task they are doing. Often times those who do not feel confident / comfortable with something, that is when the nervousness kicks in.

Backstage I experience many individuals who are very “nervous” to perform. I would like to encourage a change in terminology. Frankly, nervousness makes me feel like someone is uncomfortable or lacks confidence in their skill. Nervousness is that form of anxiety that plays with a persons mind and causes the swirling things to happen within.

What if we changed the word nervous to excited, to build confidence in our body in a positive way?

By changing to excited, it can give the feeling of confidence and preparedness. Nervousness will reek havoc on your system because it comes along with anxiety. I know many suffer from stage fright but why?

I have been told that the moment you stop being nervous you should quit. I disagree, I think that the moment you stop being excited you should quit. Excitement showcases the joy that an individual has by being present for sharing whatever is being shared. You can generate a great backstage presence as well because you are not limited by the sense of maintaining a nervous feeling.

If it is something challenging that you have before you, focus negative nervous energy into the light that you are a solid individual and you have invested yourself into what you will be presenting. Remember you are as prepared as you can be in that moment in time. Having anxiety or nervousness can be a destructive force and can cause the self doubt. Excitement creates joy and positive memories and experiences.

Negative self talk is a destructive road.

We all know that talking negatively causes destruction, and by changing our tone and perspective to positive and energetic words will help to change the how we approach our performances. Be present to what is happening around you backstage and if you an watching what is happening on stage. Remember to celebrate with your excitement for stronger delivery and the increased perception of confidence. Because one day, that will become part of your daily self and confidence becomes a positive habit.

Treadmill summary.

Today’s Treadmill Summary… not bad.

Goddess Training

Fitness: 30 Martial Arts, 4 hours teaching ballroom, 20 minutes cardio on treadmill

Research: Arts contacts over seas

Costuming: No Report

Choreography: Started to build verse two choreography


Lessons can be taught online for building confidence and changing the conversation of stage fright to excitement. Message me today! 


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