Goddess Training: Day 33 – Yoga Today

Today has been all sorts of challenging. This time of the year, I personally get a little squirrelly because I want to learn all the things and be creative as well as be moving. Desk work does not really fit that bill, yet it is a necessary evil. That is why today I focused on doing only a yoga practice to focus on opening up my body and stretching it a bit more.

Sitting all day does a number on an individuals, especially a dancers, body. As does stress as it relates to breathing. In yoga we can leverage the practice of controlled breath to create our tempo, but also to calm the body. Some individuals cannot sit for long periods of time, because who has time these days, thus managing breath while doing the movements in yoga is vital.

Yoga Does a Body Good

I personally love to do sun salutations. I know there is more yoga poses out there more fancy stuff, but my goals are just to maintain a different peace which is consistency. In a few months, I will add more complex movements, build up and advance pose. Yet doing a quarter of a full mala (27 sun salutations full is 108) is what I am focusing on now. For my yoga goal is to do a full mala for the New Year.

Yoga conditions all aspects of the body and really gets the heart going because of the controlled breathing and rhythm. A lot of heat can be generated as well.

If you want to start a yoga or meditation practice that is designed to balance the spirit of the show person, sign up for a private lesson today! You may also find that having an Ayurvedic lifestyle also helps in optimizing one’s health.

Goddess Training

Fitness: Yoga Sun Salutation A x 27

Research:  Discovered an article of a History of Burlesque in Athens Greece – you should read it here. Further I investigated to locate burlesque producers and shows in Greece. I am sure there is as it is pretty much one of the birth places for social parodies (origin places of the word burlesque). As is Italy, so I may have to hit Italy up again too.  Fingers crossed on this front as I jump into a rabbit hole.

Costuming: Ordered heat gun and leather hole puncher.

Choreography: No report.


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