Goddess Training: Day 34 – 36 – Living Life

So much has happened the last few days. Goddess Training was all about living life in the moment and slowing down to really experience everything around me.

Living it up at the fair

Friends and Hubby at the Fair!

I went to the Puyallup fair and introduced new friends (long friends of my husband) as well as my husband to the fair! I rode the roller coaster, laughed and just experienced the beauty of Washington. It was the perfect temperature out too. What I really enjoyed was clearing my head, and experienced life.

When I talk about living life, its really a matter of disconnecting from all the stimulation around us and connect with people. Disconnection allows us to reconnect with intentions and thoughts. It really gives us an opportunity to explore the lifestyle of which we wan to live.

In the creative process has you stifled, walking away from the project to experience things usually will have great impacts and break throughs. Things you would not have considered before comes to the forefront of your mind.

Living life in the now opens your world to wonders

Fair scones!

Yeah!! Fair Scones!! No Calories count today!

When you do not worry about calories, you enjoy food. If you do not worry about project deliverables you enjoy the process of creation. Then in slowing down, and you do what you can to the best of your ability, your world opens to so much gratification of achieving success.

Life can be naturally delicious like the Fair Scone says. It is comical really. I love the fact that it took a delicious magical treat that came hot off the assembly line to only show me that life can be perfect like a fresh scone. You must eat it hot else it becomes stale. Much like how you need to be living your life in the now and not saving stuff up for later.

Act upon your dreams

Act upon your dreams don’t wait for the once in a lifetime moment, such as a fair (or festival), to make your creative work happen for you. Focus on being present in your life to gain inspiration. Gaining that inspiration can yield so much magic. I know for me it rekindled my desire to create a unique act. As well as dedicated time, making that commitment to myself to invest in experience the creative journey as well.

Enjoy your life and what lays before you

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