Goddess Training: Day 37 – 40

This week has been really busy. This particular week was about empathy and compassion. Empathy and compassion is critical in our society because it helps us to see more out of people and put ourselves into their shoes. This week, I was feeling helpless in the wake of so many tragedies.

I felt super selfish about trying to promote my show this go around because people out there were so much worse off than I, and I have so much. I could feel suffering. The only thing I could think of doing was promoting a show that would benefit others. I did not need thinking on the topic, the decision was easy, so I knew that was the right one.

I am proud to say that I am able to donate all the money and have my employer be able to match it. That is a magical deep feeling.

It is my hope and I will put that energy out there, that this show will be quite successful and as a community we do it together. I am just a conduit to obtain the financial match.

I will be expressing my thoughts on this topic for the next week or so. THEREFORE go grab some tickets today!



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