Goddess Training: Day 4

Fitness: 20 minute cardio jog! #BodyBoss #Day4 is all about your own cardio. I haven’t been able to go jogging successfully, without pain, since I was 11! WHY?! You ask… when I was 11 I had cracked my rib riding my bike. I loved to run when I was a kid. I would have done it after, but there was still so much pain. It was by way of both the panchakarma AND Accupuncture that allowed me to heal the energetic wound. It was nuts! I had no pain during my run, my lungs felt good, ribs good, legs (well they still sorta hurt from Monday other wise…) good.

Today I danced as well! I worked on 2 acts, one that was choreographed by spICE, a fellow peer here in Seattle. She is wonderful such a dynamic performer. And I was able to do my choreography with a significant more poise and control! Yeah she gave me a heavy cardio number… and I am looking forward to continuing to refine that and another 2 numbers. Oye. Cardio plays a big role in what we do!

Tomorrow is Day 5 of #BodyBoss and I am looking forward to it.

Research: Sadly I did not do research about Styx, but I did do visual research when I jogged to the dojo, where I witnessed my husband LEARNING BO STAFF TOO!! I was so jealous! I was watching he and his sensei work with the staff! His sensei was inspiring… and I can’t wait to get deeper into my work with the weapon. Thus in a way I did physical research.

Costuming: I am waiting for costuming books to come in. I am thinking of changing pieces on the costuming, and need the books for points of reference. I am struggling with the bra pieces. That is no fun. Finding the right foundation pieces is CRITICAL to what I am doing in order to achieve the right look for the piece. Plus I don’t want to choose the wrong fabrics for what essentially is something that looks like a new form of super hero. Its bananas.

Choreography: Not worked on today.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and bacon
Lunch: adobe chicken, spicy shredded beef (just a little), lettuce, sour cream, rocotta cheese, salsa, gaucamole
Dinner: lettuce, chicken, avocado dressing, almonds
Treat: Jalapeño poppers and Buffalo wings (Shared with the hubby) and New Holland Dragons Milk

Water Intake: 60 oz
Coffee: 2 Cups


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