Goddess Training – Day 58 to Day 73

Goddess Training has been quite the collection of patience, handwork, and a TON of failures. Falling off my diet a bit, falling off mostly with the avoid list (because the stuff on the avoid list is easy to do) has made me a bit more anxious than normal. It could be though because during this particular days I have not only been working a lot, I have been traveling internationally. It is challenging to do turn and burns. Until such a time that the creative world will fully fund itself.

Yet this brings me to talk about the notion of what goddess training really is all about. What I feel it means to me.

Goddess Training is a state of mind.

Goddess training is nothing short of a part of your continued presence to your art. Whatever challenges you are facing, whatever conditions you are suffering from, you have so much going for you by believing you are amazing from the start. You are a work of art in a continuous state of evolution. To create the essence of your true art and self, it is important to understand what is being presented to you. There are clues in every action, and confirmation from situations you are in, if you are present in the circumstances.

Our busy lives can distract us from moments were are supposed to be fully aware. If you are questioning your path, look for the subtle things and the details.

I felt like royalty this past weekend with my adventure, as you can see below. From the venue to the adventure, truly I felt as if I was were I am supposed to be in my life. This kind of awareness is truly a blessing. It takes time to condition awareness in body and mind. I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate these last two international trips… specially Prague, without having gone through years of challenges. Being aware of your space is key to your art.

I can tell you that this trip confirmed I am personally where I am supposed to be in my art, and that the path (equally with decisions) I am on is the right one. You can tell from the look in my eyes and the images that it is blissfully accurate.

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Holy Sh*t I am performing in this room tonight!

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