Goddess Training: Day 7

Fitness: Since it is a day off for #BodyBoss, I have been meditating and setting some real firm goals. Since yes, I suffered a small set back after eating most delicious cake and celebratory beer. Taking this time to relax too in my body is important. We all need a rest day. Yesterday’s shenanigans were quite fun however. I got to meet new people, talk with friends, and celebrate my friends one year anniversary of being in business. They own the Hop House, which has 100 beers on tap! And well… the best hot wings. I did go for the hot wings, because lower carb choices… but that was blown to bits with well, beer and cake. I really do laugh about it, it is funny stuff. Its funny how we get all wrapped up in the notion of what we can and can’t have. Something will work for each person, it is all about experimenting. Cake and Beer is not on my “favor” list. lol.


Research: Nothing for today.

Costuming:  Today I drew out my whole costume AND prop! And I identified all the materials that I will need to purchase. The next thing is to do plan the schedule around all of it. Some I know how long it will take, like the corset I need to make. Yet, I am waiting to do that one more towards the last, as it is the easiest of pieces, and potentially require a decrease in size of my current pattern. My current corset pattern I have drafted I know will take my waist in 6 inches (yes that is comfortable for me) yet, if there will be longevity in the costuming and physical fitness plays a key role in this, I need to make sure I don’t have to remake any part of my costuming. TRUST ME… a lot of hand work will need to go into this.

Choreography:  Nothing for today.

Breakfast: Breakfast Bar
Lunch: Meat and Cheese with a some veggies
Dinner: Scrambled eggs, prosciutto, broccoli and cheese
Water Intake: 60 oz
Coffee: 1/2 Cup

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