Goddess Training – Day 74 to 127

Hey all, long time no post… almost 2 full months. I am not sorry about it, just a thing of life. I am happy to be returning to my active blog. I just have been heads down in projects for a couple of costume commissions, lessons in the evenings, and making key decisions for 2018. Goddess training did continue, however it was more focused on the mental part of who I am as a person, what I want. Taking on the responsibility of representing a goddess is crazy making for sure, and you want to make sure you are capturing the deeper meaning of that character. This means decisions for hair, costuming, body, then implementing the practice. During this time, I also lost my long time pet, Sylvester (RIP) and well, that was hard.

Also during this time, I was told that have tendentious in my shoulder – guess 20 years professionally teaching ballroom takes its toll. Thus focusing on nurturing the shoulder and self care has been critical. Non weight bearing activities has been in-store, so that means quite a bit of walking.  This has been easy to do especially in the last 27 days as I have a new doggie – Wifi Hyde. 🙂

I am pleased to say that I have remained the same weight during this period of time, and I am making key modifications to my work out program. I am jumping into a new routine and focused habits, and that is challenging at the holiday season when all you want is cake!

While there was so much that went on during this time, trying to document it is not gonna happen. I will be returning to my daily practice starting tomorrow, just need to get caught up. I am finally focused forward on my acts, my shop work, and teaching. Its been quite the time. Thanks to those who follow on Social Media, as that is always going to give you a pulse as to what’s up in my world.

It is my hope that you are having a productive holiday season, and I look forward to sharing this continued journey.



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