Goddess Training: Day 9

So much happened today, that I have been battling stress today. I have much to do for a variety of different things, that it became overwhelming at one point. Yet I want to stress how important just a bit of physical movement will clear the head. I would have been in a better position if I had done a bit of movement when I got home last night, but I was beat tired physically and mentally. Today, I was deeply grateful to get moving, of which you will read below.

I encourage you as you are on your #GoddessTraining and your own #CreativeQuest, think about the stress you encounter, and how you manage it? Do get stressed and shut down, or do you get stressed have a relief of some kind and get back to work? How do you use your thinking when you are stressed? Do you engage allies or do you go out at alone? How do you change your thinking. I also want you to think about what actions you go back to when you are stressed rather than just take a step back and breathe? Do you eat? Do you use drugs or alcohol? Do you do something self destructive?

When we make the commitment to ourselves, we honor ourselves to live the best possible life under the circumstances presented to us. We cannot be perfect all the time, as perfection is fleeting. We can only be the best in the moment under that situation, and that includes stress. Perfectionist mentality will limit you, and realizing you can evolve your life to that day’s perfection by being present in every single moment, and taking a step back. We do not need to rush in like an armies of yesteryear, but rather we can be the queens and kings sauntering in in protective armor because are prepared with the objective and the full vision, not just the heat of the moment response.

I encourage that for you this week, to monitor how you react and if you step back, shut down or get angry.

(Image is of my workout shirt from legend Tiffany Carter)

Fitness: Since I didn’t get to start on time this week, today starts Week 2 Day 1 of the #BodyBoss. And since I completely fell off the wagon for good food behavior (we have our moments right) I own up to my mistake and have a serious heart to heart with myself. It was nice to make sure I ate for my constitution yesterday, really did help keep my energy. Today, I kicked my ass into gear and did W2D1 PLUS 20 minutes on the elliptical. If I really want to have that “comic book” physique, one needs to do the work. Really, I just want strength and definition, as well to be more agile. More physical training work starts in September, and well, there will be words there. I am sure I will have ups and downs… I am a little scared I won’t achieve my goals. You have to have those fears and either you raise to meet the fear in the face or don’t live up to the hype you created in your head. Should you believe you can truly do ANYTHING, you have to be willing to do EVERYTHING to achieve the goals. Often times we suffer from the ability to have discipline.

In defense training today, I was blessed with a few things. MOVING was one of them. It felt super good to move today. We worked on Pin on 1, Block and Counter Strikes with Half Moons. And today, was blessed with being able to work on bo staff as I was crying from the stress I have had today. I am really focusing on patience as I want to desperately advance to the next level (orange belt), but I am working on not asking, and just hoping that any opportunity for my exam does not interfere with my schedule. Commencing the lesson with meditation really does help. I helps to put the intention into what you are going to do. And I am going to be applying this to all fitness activity and setting the intentions of my workouts.

Research: Picked up a copy of National Geographic History today. The September issue has Russia 1917 content, but if you dig in it there are articles on both Rome and Greece. And contains great images for potential accents in my costume. Fascinating.

Costuming: Nothing for today.

Choreography: Nothing for Today.

Breakfast: 2 eggs with Parmesan 2 bacon
Lunch: Salad with BBQ chicken, sunflower seeds, cucumber and Parmesan and eggs.
Dinner: Honey Coconut almond meal bar
Water Intake: 60 oz
Coffee: 2 Cups


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