Goddess Training: Days 41 – 57 – Habits in play

This won’t be a very long post, yet it will have a punch. Then I am back to the cycle of daily posting. It has been insanely busy. And while I may not have posted, I actually did do my work for my goddess training, just may not have been documented here. Ironically my new found habits have taken root, causing me to be more busy while working hard to maintain presence.

On Saturday September 30, I saw to fruition a Sweet 16 Party for the studio I teach ballroom and teach my burlesque classes in – Dancework Studio. It was a very long day, and a day that I had to focus on using my leadership skills, positivity, compassion, and lead a show. It is very challenging to change the habit of being relatively reclusive and be the social butterfly. I am good at it, yet I admit, the activity does exhaust me. The event went smashingly well!

Now I am not planning on giving a play by play of 14 days, we don’t have time for that. Because right now I am literally sitting in the airport drafting this message. (More on that later). The next day I relaxed from that and did alot of self care. Then I had to ramp up and focus on putting forth my show for A Night of Burlesque. I cannot even begin with the magic there. 100% amazing. I am still reeling from it, and have for most of this week.

Dedication to good habits increases positive feelings


Ultimately the dedication to newly formed habits kept me calmer and more present than most activities, and then the swell of my heart when I saw how many people attended so that we could then turn around the money and donate it! I CAN’T WAIT for that final number. I am still waiting for it, and then this will be 100% matched by my employer! HOW COOL IS THAT! We had 2 different workshops taught on 10/7, and then showed the out of town guests Seattle. We ate a meal fit for kings and queens at Marrakesh LIKE GOOD STUFF.

I took them all to the airport then I had to get moving along to a sewing project for spICE! which thus far has turned out beautiful and I have a few more elements to do before I go off to teach on Monday. THEN it was announced that I am the Social Media director for the Golden Legend Championship Challenge. It is an amazing thing. Further, I started 3 different projects that will take time. AND NO… I am not working on them this weekend – well not really (LOL).

Nope I was on a plane for a small vacation with my husband. We went to Disneyland Friday and Saturday and then off to Universal Studio on Sunday.


Fitness: Fitness wise I did light stuff, mostly alot of stairs and yoga. I danced really heart for sure.

Costuming: I ordered some props and training materials.

Research: So much done for Styx, including an image of the astrological symbol!!

Current weight: 160.8!

Currently I am taking appointments for online classes to fill my time when I am traveling to Montreal and Prague, I hope we can connect! Reach out here! 

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