The Alchemy of Tease

Burlesque & Cabaret Dance Education

Fall Group Classes

7 Week Series
Intro Lvl - Burlesque - Classic - Mon
Starts 09.11 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Intro Lvl - Burlesque - Cabaret - Thurs
Starts 09.14 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Intermediate Level - Monday
Intermediate Level - Thursday
Intro Level: The Burlesque Elements and Cabaret Dance Formulations
7 Week Series
Class Length: 90 minutes
Price: $157

Using core elements of the bump and grind, shimmy and shake, new apprentices (students) will gain the elements of burlesque dance basics in a fun exciting routine. This clever series will provide you with fun movements beyond the standard burlesque bump and grinds, to also include Shimmies, Shakes, Bumps and Grinds, Quivers, Grapevines, and much much more!

Two different days! Classic Style is for more traditional styles, and Cabaret Style is more modern applications. Two different routines being taught over 7 weeks!


Private Lessons: Develop Your Character in a one on one environment!
Whether you are new or a veteran of burlesque and cabaret dance, one on one coaching is key to staying at the top of your burlesque game. In private lessons you have the opportunity to refine your work or discover new opportunities in your burlesque work.

Ideas for your learning:

  • Choreography Building
  • Presentation
  • Full Act Development
  • Personae Development
  • Competitive Coaching

During our lessons, we also can design a customized program to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless!


Mission: The applied science and philosophy of Burlesque performance art aiming to achieve the transformation of dancers into gold entertainers, by way of exploring the elixir of sensuality, discovery of the exotic self, and universal preservation of historical showgirl formulations, in an all inclusive environment.